Hi all, how are you doing? Yeah I know, I know! I said I was going to make this a regular thing and well, this is the second one since Feb. Look, you might not believe me but every time I tried to sit down and do this a polar bear walked in demanding a low fade… Not buying it?

We’ll move on then. Needless to say, we’ve been super busy and I’m trying to stay on top of all the exciting things happening which includes keeping you up-to-date here. So what’s happening with the shop? Some of you may have noticed 113 (next door) has some life, as many don’t know Barbarossa Barber in Edinburgh, is actually 113-115. We have both. We’re getting closer and closer to completing next door and it’ll ultimately allow us to fit more of you lovely people in with more staff!

I popped up some photos of the progress not too long ago on our Facebook page –  give us a follow if you’re interested!

Industry news? Well this is what made me make the time for this blog. This week voting opened for the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards (SHABA) 2018. As some of you will know it’s something I’ve had success with in the past, that is, competitions and it’s something I’ve really wanted to get back into but couldn’t due to time. Now we have Kostas on board I’ve been able to put aside the time to get us signed up.

The categories we’re in are:

  • Best Male barber :Douglas Welsh and Kostas Nivamidis
  • Best Male stylist: Douglas Welsh
  • Best Wet Shave: Kostas Nivamidis
  • Best Barbershop. Barbershop: Barbarossa Barber

If you do feel inclined to vote for us it would be greatly appreciated! You can vote HERE

Also a note since the last blog our membership with The British Master Barbers Alliance has gone through and you may have noticed this in our window! We’re glad to be on board – https://www.britishmasterbarbers.com/

Quick one this time and I WILL make an effort to get into this as I enjoy it when I get going!

Cheers and have a great weekend!




Written by Douglas Welsh