Muk Haircare Barber ProductsThe latest styling export from Australia is politically incorrect haircare brand muk™. Muk is an underground brand that has built its reputation on hard core performance.

I use Muk products in the salon as I believe their performance is unrivaled, their re-workability during the day and their lastability have proven extremely popular with my clients. I also love how each product is different and does exactly what it’s meant to.

I carry a range of Muk products at Barbarossa Barber, Edinburgh at very competitive prices. Feel free to ask about them when you’re next in!

Some of my favourite products are:

Dry Muk Barber EdinburghDry Muk offers a strong hold with an ultra matte finish – no shine or gloss. It adds extra texture and body where needed yet your hair feels product free! Suited to short or longer styles with definite shape or movement. If you prefer to use hair spray rather than put a product through your hair this is the styling paste for you – you won’t know you are wearing it.

  • Non greasy
  • Humidity resistant
  • Water soluble so easy to shampoo out
  • Light kiwi fragrance

I particularly like this for thinner hair, it doesn’t bog your hair down helping to create a fuller look!


Muk Barber EdinburghHard Muk Shampoo

The perfect partner for Muk Styling products. Hard Muk Shampoo adds texture and prepares the hair so that the Muk Pastes and Clays are even more effective. It also washes and cleans as well!

I’ve had some really great feedback from clients about this!